Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Experimental Investigation on Viable Limit of Fly Ash Utilization in Concrete


Khuito Murumi; Supratic Gupta;


The knowledge about the utility of fly ash is well known worldwide. Moreover, even though fly ash is widely and abundantly available in India, its optimal utilization is not yet achieved. This paper attempts to give clarity on the viable limit of fly ash in structural concrete. The study confirms the applicability of efficiency factor method in the mix design and strength prediction of concrete. Maximum usable fly ash percentage depends upon the strength of concrete and type of chemical admixture. Although the results presented herein may vary with change of constituent materials, type of concrete, type and power of concrete mixer, … etc., the trend in results would remain similar and will be useful for both researchers and practicing engineers in concrete technology domain striving for sustainable construction.


Cement, Compressive strength, Concrete, Efficiency factor, Fly ash, Workability