Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Protecting Water Resources from Pollution in the Lake Batllava


Sabri Avdullahi; Islam Fejza; Ahmet Tmava;


In recent years, the international community has witnessed incidence of climate variability and human activities. The objective of this paper is protecting water resources from pollution in the catchment area of Lake Batllava. The catchment area of Lake Batllava has an area of 225km² and the active storage volume of the lake is assessed to be 34.4 Mill. m³. The current population of the Municipality of Prishtina is estimated to be around 400,000 and Lake Batllava supplies with drinking water around 64% of the population in this area. Since no useful hydrological data was available for the study, it was decided to obtain this information by means of hydrological modelling based on a rainfall-runoff computation. The model is designed to simulate the rainfall-runoff processes of the catchment area and is applicable to a wide range of geographic areas. Water samples are taken from three small rivers/streams which flow into the Lake Batllava: river Turiqic, river Kushevic and river Ballaban, also from the lake in different depths (5m, 10m and 15m) at different locations. Concerning the environmental impact, more than 300 interviews were conducted and questionnaires were filled in the period October-November for Orllan area.


Pollution, Hydrological modelling, Water quality, Water supply, Wastewater disposal