Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Seismic Responses of Large Height-Width Ratio Liquid Storage Structure with Base Isolation and Baffles


Wei Jing; Yixin Zhang;


With the shortage of the land resources, the engineering application of the concrete rectangular liquid storage structure with height-width ratio is of great significance. 3-D numerical calculation models of the concrete rectangular liquid storage structure with large height-width ratio are established. The nonlinear material model is used for the concrete, and the Mooney-Rivlin model is used as the constitutive material of rubber bearing. The dynamic responses of four types of structures are comparatively investigated, which are non-isolated structure with double baffles, isolated structure with double baffles, non-isolated structure with triple baffles and isolated structure with triple baffles. The results show that the wall tensile stress of the structure with double baffles is basically twice as much as that of the structure with triple baffles. By increasing the number of horizontal baffle and dividing the liquid height of each part evenly, the bearing capacity and safety of the structure can be improved. The rubber isolation has a magnifying effect on the liquid sloshing wave height, the isolation has a certain damping effect on the baffle tensile stress, while the damping effect of the isolation on the wall tensile stress is related to the baffle number. For the concrete rectangular liquid storage structure with large height-width ratio, the reasonable baffle design can effectively reduce the probability of the wall cracking, while the control effect of the rubber isolation is not good.


Liquid storage structure; base-isolation; shock absorption; fluid-structure interaction; dynamic response