Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Non-linear Regression Models for Hydraulic Geometry Relationships in Al-Abbasia Meandering Reach in Euphrates River


Mohammed Shaker Mahmood; Kareem R. Almurshedi; Zaid Nori Hashim;


This paper is an extension and continuation of an earlier work by the authors on the phenomenon of meandering in Al-Abbasia reach located in the middle of the Euphrates river, Al-Najaf governorate in Iraq. The authors have developed several power functions and models depending on dimensional analysis and Buckingham π-theorem for modeling and predicting the hydraulic geometry of the selected reach. The paper employs the non-linear regression technique for developing mathematical models for computing the width and mean depth of the reach depending on its hydraulic characteristics. This paper is part of an M. Sc. thesis carried out in 2014. The developed relationships are straightforward to be applied in design and analysis with results of high acceptability; the reach width (W) model has an R2 of 0.97, while the reach mean depth (Dm) model has an R2 of 0.93. Different statistical methods have been utilized to compare the different models. The results reveal that non-linear regression models are the best models to correlate the different characteristics of the reach.


Euphrates, Al-Abbasia, Najaf, Regression analysis, River geometry, River hydraulics