Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Influence of Terrenoseal on geotechnical properties of expansive soil


Bhoomika Parsana; Tarak Vora; Arvind Verma;


In this experimental work, Terrenoseal (organo-silane based nano chemical) is used to improve the swelling and shrinkage characteristics of expansive soil. Effects of Terrenoseal on soil is recognized by various soil laboratory experiments like free swell index, swell pressure test, consistency limits, and Standard Proctor Test. Various analytical techniques such as Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA), wettability, and contact angle are performed in the laboratory to examine the physico-chemical properties of both untreated and treated soil samples. pH, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and heavy metal analysis were performed to investigate the effect of Terrenoseal on soil. Laboratory results demonstrate that the reduction in the swell pressure of treated soil samples by using a small concentration of nano chemical was by about 48% and the free swell index was reduced by about 49%; there was also an improvement in physico-chemical properties. Improvement in shrinkage limit of soil was found up to 36%. pH, heavy metal analysis, and Chemical Oxygen Demand of treated soil samples are within the acceptable limits.


Expansive soil, Swelling pressure, Terrenoseal, Wettability, Heavy metal analysis