Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Water Tank on Grade with Wall Opening


Rasha F. Hassan; Hussam K. Risan; Haitham A. Hussein;


Water tanks represent an important critical structure type for the provision of water necessary for continuation of life and firefighting purposes. The objective of this paper is to study the response of reinforced concrete rectangular tank on grade in the presence of cleanout hole under the effect of an earthquake. This numerical analysis was conducted using nonlinear finite element three-dimensional models using ABAQUS. The water in the tank was modeled according to the hydrodynamic effects by including both the impulsive and the convective parts combined with hydrostatic pressure. The sloshing action was simulated based on a threedimension added-mass approach. Additionally, eleven numerical models were investigated to determine the critical position of the cleanout opening relative to the base of the tank and as a function of earthquake direction and peak ground acceleration. The results of the analysis illustrate that the presence of the embedded hole generates more wall stresses and strains. The strain around the opening enhances by increasing the peak ground acceleration and through enlarging the opening. The results also prove that the critical position of the opening happens when the wall is parallel to the direction of the seismic force and when the opening is placed near the base of the tank.


Water tank, Impulsive and convective parts, Added-mass model, Wall opening