Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Numerical Evaluation of Steel Columns Buckling under Cyclic Loading


Amin H. Almasri; Hasan S. Noaman;


This paper aims to exhibit the use of finite element analysis as a numerical method to validate the experimental results of steel column stability under cyclic loading. Finite element package ANSYS was utilized for this purpose. The structural behavior of hollow box steel columns under the merged action of a constant axial load and cyclic lateral loads was investigated. Hot rolled unstiffened steel box column sections were simulated as cantilever-type columns as in common usage in the bridge piers. A nonlinear buckling finite element analysis was carried out in which both material and geometric nonlinearities were taken into account. The results show a reasonable agreement with Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) formula. In addition, transient dynamic analysis was executed to determine the dynamic response of the specimens under the action of two loading tests: monotonic test and three cycle test. Isotropic strain-hardening and kinematic strain-hardening were included in simulating plastic deformation. It is shown that the non-linear finite element analysis shows good capabilities in simulating the buckling behavior of a steel column under cyclic loading.


Finite element method, Cyclic loading, Bridge piers, Non-linear buckling of steel columns, Transient dynamic analysis