Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Improvement of Engineering Properties of Expansive Soil Modified With Scoria.


Damtew Melese;


Expansive soil is known for its high susceptibility to a shear failure, unexpected differential settlement, and experiencing low bearing capacity which makes it as unsuitable soil for a variety of engineering use. This is characterized by considerable volume changes due to seasonal variations and moisture content; lightweight structures cannot exert the necessary counter load to overcome the swelling from expansive soil. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the improvement in some engineering properties of expansive soil modified with scoria. Soil properties were collected from the field for laboratory analysis of Atterberg limit, unconfined compression strength (UCS), consolidation test, and California Bearing Ratio and compaction characteristics following ASTM testing procedures. Mixing of scoria to expansive soil with different percentage decreases the free swell, liquid limit, plastic index, optimum moisture content and increases plastic limit, maximum dry density. Similarly, unconfined compression strength, CBR value and consolidation increased up to 20% of scoria mix then as percentage of scoria increased beyond this value the reverse properties are observed. Analysis of the result show that significant improvement of geotechnical properties of scoria stabilized soil. The result revealed that 20% of scoria is the optimum percentage used for improving engineering properties of expansive soil.


Engineering Property, Expansive soil, Stabilization, scoria