Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Reliability Assessment of BS 8110 (1997) Ultimate Limit State Design Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Columns


Olusola John Adewumi; Opeyemi Emmanuel Oluwatuyi; Olasehinde Joseph Afolayan;


This paper describes the reliability assessment of reinforced concrete columns designed according to the BS 81I0 (1997) ultimate limit state requirements. A typical cross-section (400 mm×400 mm) for three different commonly used columns was adopted and probabilistically assessed when all variables relating to the loading geometry and material properties are randomly distributed. First-Order Reliability Method (FORM) was employed to estimate the implied probability of failure for simulated loading and reinforcement quantities. The results showed that the cross-section (400 mm×400 mm) assessed could not sustain more than 40% of the expected ultimate design load before the violation of the limit state. In addition, the performance of reinforced concrete columns depends more on the applied load than on the amount of reinforcement used. The general inference from these results is that most of these types of columns designed according to BS 8110 (1997) have not failed, because they were carrying far less than their ultimate design loads.


BS 8110 (1997), Structural reliability analysis, Reinforced concrete columns, Ultimate limit state design requirements