Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Guidelines for Shear Strengthening of Beams Using Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Plates


Ma’en S. Abdel-Jaber; Anis S. Shatanawi; Mu’tasim S. Abdel-Jaber;


The fundamental aim of this work is to give clear guidelines for the process of strengthening reinforced concrete beams using FRP materials. Types and methods of FRP construction are described in general. FRP properties and their effect on strengthening are illustrated. Experimental results obtained from an earlier study are utilized in this research to present a reasonable model for strengthening. The experiments investigated the shear behaviour of reinforced concrete beams strengthened by the attachment of different configurations and quantities of CFRP using epoxy adhesives. Two types of CFRP materials were used. These are pultruded and prepreg materials. A general comparison between results is carried out showing the best configuration for strengthening. In this paper, it is clearly stated that moderate surface treatment for concrete before FRP bonding is sufficient to allow FRP to do its job in a proper way. In general, it is adequate to remove all laitance and loose material by hand or machine abrading, followed by degreasing with a detergent and rinsing clean.


Shear Strengthening, Beams, Polymer Plates, Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP).