Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Mechanical and Durability Performance of Concrete Made with Waste Marble and Fly Ash


Gaurav Sancheti; Kishan Lal Jain; Shruti Bhargava;


In recent years, cement and marble industries have raised concerns regarding the adverse impact on the environment due to the release of carbon di-oxide and disposal of marble sludge, respectively. The amalgamation of marble sludge (fines) and cement-based products is favorable in the manufacturing of sustainable concrete. In this study, marble powder (MP) obtained from nearby cutting and polishing marble industries is used as a partial replacement for sand. Fly ash (FS) used as a partial substitute for cement is acquired from a nearby situated plant of ready mix concrete, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. MP was added with an interval of five percent as 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% by weight of sand. FS was added in a percentage range of 0-50% with an interval of ten percent by weight of cement in the concrete blend. Mechanical and durability parameters in terms of slump, density, compressive strength, flexural strength, splitting tensile strength, water absorption, permeability and rapid chloride penetration test (RCPT) were evaluated for control and blended mixes. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was also performed for microstructure analysis for control, MP, and FS added to concrete. The results indicate that 10 % MP and 20% FS were the optimum percentages of replacement for sand and cement, respectively. Significant outcome obtained from the results will have a potential impact on the manufacturing of sustainable concrete with a solution to an environmental problem.


Marble powder, Fly ash, Mechanical properties, Durability properties, RCPT