Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Dynamic Response of Sandwich Plates Subjected to Impact Loading


K. S. Numayr; H. M. Dwairi;


Two models of three-layered sandwich plate are proposed in this paper to study the dynamic response of these types of plates when subjected to impact loading. Transverse shear and normal deformations are accounted for in the core, while the face layers are treated as thin plates. In the first model, the core is modeled as translational and rotational elastic springs connecting the face layers together and in plane displacements at the middle surface of the face layers are neglected, while in the second model the in plane displacements and shear stresses at the junctions of the face layers with the core are considered. The governing equations of motion are analytically solved to obtain a closed form solution for simply supported plates using the modal superposition method. The effects of various geometric and material parameters on the dynamic properties and response of sandwich plates are investigated. The present study results are compared with those obtained from the literature and are found to be in good agreement in most cases. It was shown in this study that the in plane displacements of the middle surface of face layers could be neglected for sandwich plates with thick or flexible core.


Sandwich plate, Impact, Response, Vibration, Modeling