Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Understanding the Causes of Material Wastage in the Construction Industry


Ghaleb J. Sweis; Ahmad Hiari; Mujahed Thneibat; Mohammed Hiyassat; Waleed Sh. Abu-Khader;


Recent studies have recognized material waste from construction projects as a serious problem for both economies and the environment. This research aims to identify the major causes of material waste in construction projects, determine the level of wastage for some selected materials and suggest strategies to manage and minimize wastage. In order to facilitate the application of this research, Jordan was taken as a case study. The results from 61 returned surveys suggested 49 factors which were then analyzed to identify the main causes of material wastage; the main factors are as follows: design changes during the construction phase, rework due to labor mistakes, purchases not complying with specifications, improper cutting of materials and poor site layout. The study concluded that the most important advantages of managing and minimizing material wastage are minimizing time and cost overruns and helping in determining the required quantities, thus leading to improved project performance.


Material wastage, Construction waste, Construction industry, Causes of waste, Minimizing waste.