Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Evaluation of Coefficient of Consolidation in CH Soils


Shiva Prashanth Kumar K.; Darga Kumar N.;


The present investigation deals with an evaluation and comparison of Cv of CH soils using three methods: Casagrande logarithm of time fitting method, Taylor's square root of time fitting method and inflection point method. The soils considered in this study were collected from different places around Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, belonging to intrinsic class CH soils. Approximately, both Casagrande and Taylor’s methods presented the same range of Cv values in comparison to the inflection point method. In addition, empirical relations for swell index (Cs) with compression index (Cc) and plasticity index (PI) with finer fractions were obtained. The relation between applied pressure and Cv values obtained from various methods was also derived. Finally, the study results revealed that Casagrande and Taylor’s methods predict comparable values of Cv for CH soils and hence can be recommended in view of simplicity.


Consolidation, Taylor’s method, Casagrande method, Inflection point method.