Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Effect of Project Performance on Organization Performance in Sudanese Construction Industry


Hassan Ahmed Sulieman; Shamboul Adlan M. Adlan;


This paper aims at designing a model to relate construction project performance to Sudanese construction organization performance using financial and non-financial metrics along with objective and subjective measures. The study used an extensive literature review in the field of construction management and professional advice in order to design a questionnaire for data collection. EQS6.2 software was used for data analysis and model fit evaluation. The model showed a strong relationship between construction project performance and Sudanese construction organization performance, as well as strong relationships between construction project performance and its metrics ("project profitability", "external customer satisfaction" and "internal customer satisfaction"). Furthermore, strong relationships were found between Sudanese construction organization performance and its metrics ("financial", "customer", "internal business" and "learning and growth" perspectives).


Construction project performance, Construction organization performance, Customer satisfaction, Sudan