Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Shear Strength, Bearing Ratio and Settlement Behavior of Clay Reinforced with Chemically Treated Coir Fibres


Vishwas Nandkishor Khatri; Rakesh Kumar Dutta; Sampan Katre;


The effect of chemically treated coir fibres on shear strength, bearing ratio and settlement behavior of clay is presented in this study. The clay in the present study is reinforced with untreated, sodium hydroxide-treated and potassium permanganate-treated coir fibres. The shear strength behavior of unreinforced as well as reinforced clay is examined by conducting a series of unconfined compression strength, direct shear tests. Additionally, the load deformation and compressibility characteristics of unreinforced and reinforced soil are studied by performing bearing ratio and consolidation tests. The coir fibre content was varied from 0.25% to 1.5%. The results of unconfined compression strength tests on saturated and unsaturated clay indicated that the deviator stress at failure of clay and clay with untreated coir fibres can be increased by treatment with potassium permanganate and sodium hydroxide. Further, the results of direct shear tests on clay in saturated and unsaturated state showed a significant increase in shear strength parameters of clay reinforced with coir fibres at different percentages. An improvement in load deformation behavior and a substantial increase in bearing ratio value were also observed for reinforced soil samples. The results of consolidation study showed a reduction in settlement at given load for soil reinforced with untreated/treated coir fibers. It is intended that the results of this study be used for short-term stability problems and temporary access road applications.


Coir fibres, Treatment, Axial stress, Cohesion, Friction angle, Bearing ratio, Consolidation