Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

An Investigation of the Linkage between Minimum Household Water Requirement and Health in the Greater Irbid Area


Jamal Abu-Ashour; Munjed Al-Sharif;


The quantities of water secured for humans for their daily domestic use including hydration and hygiene requirements have an effect on their health conditions. Guidance on the minimum household water requirement to assure good health is lacking. This study aims at the development of such guidance using data for daily water consumption and diarrhea incidences in children below five as an indicator for health conditions. The study area selected is the Greater Irbid area in the northern part of Jordan. Statistical analysis of these data led to the development of a mathematical relationship between the daily water consumption and diarrhea incidences. Using this relationship, a minimum household water requirement can be determined corresponding to an acceptable diarrhea incidence rate as an indication for good health conditions. Data of the study area reflect a need to increase the share of water supplied to the citizens of Greater Irbid area.


Water requirements, Domestic water uses, Health, Irbid, Jordan.