Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Integration of Vertical Electrical Sounding and Aeromagnetic Data Using GIS Techniques to Assess the Potential of Unsaturated Zone and Natural Basalt Caves for Groundwater Artificial Recharge in NE-Jordan


Hani Al-Amoush;


Geophysical data consisting of Aeromagnetic (AM) and Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) in addition to the extracted lineaments map for the northern part of Azraq basin were used with the aid of ArcGIS tools aiming at investigating the potential of natural basalt caves and unsaturated zone for the purposes of artificial groundwater recharge. The aeromagnetic data were analyzed using advanced processing techniques. The aeromagnetic interpretation was carried out qualitatively and quantitatively and correlated with the distribution and density of lineaments and caves location. The geo-electrical measurements were processed and interpreted to characterize the unsaturated zone in the study area. The surface watershed and watershedpoint areas were modeled and were considered within the integrated interpretation. Based on the results of this study, it was concluded that highly fractured regions possessing low aeromagnetic intensity are of high potential for groundwater recharge; therefore, the central western part of the study area is considered of high potential for groundwater recharge. Regarding the natural basaltic caves, it is concluded that the Beer Al- Hamam and Al-Fahda caves are of high potential for groundwater artificial recharge and the possibility of using the other basaltic caves for groundwater artificial recharge and subsurface storages.


Aeromagnetic, Artificial recharge, Watershed-point, Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES).