Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Wind Induced Pressure on ‘E’ Plan Shaped Tall Buildings


Biswarup Bhattacharyya; Sujit K. Dalui; Ashok K. Ahuja;


The present study demonstrates the pressure distribution on various faces of ‘E’ plan shaped tall buildings under wind excitation. Experimental and analytical studies were carried out using wind angles varying from 0° to 180° with an interval of 30°. The experimental study was conducted by open circuit boundary layer wind tunnel; whereas the analytical study was conducted with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technique using ANSYS CFX software package using k-ε turbulence model. A rigid model (made of perspex sheet) was used for wind tunnel test with a model scale of 1:300. Mean pressure coefficients of all the faces are found for all wind incidence angles and pressure contours are plotted on all the surfaces for 0° wind angles. Mean pressure coefficients are also calculated by CFD technique and the results have a good agreement with experimental results. Also, pressure contours on all the faces for a 0° wind angle are plotted and the contours are almost similar to those of experimental investigation. The flow pattern around the building model is also shown to understand the variation of pressures on different faces for a particular wind angle.


Tall building, Wind tunnel test, Mean pressure coefficient, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Flow pattern