Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Evaluation of Smoothness of Louisiana Pavements Based on International Roughness Index and Ride Number


Hani H. Titi; Masood Rasoulian;


This paper presents the results of research conducted to develop smoothness specifications for asphalt concrete pavements in Louisiana based on the International Roughness Index (IRI) and Ride Number (RN). Measurements of longitudinal profiles were conducted using the high-speed inertial road profiler along 98.7 km of pavements in 23 different projects. Profile Index (PI) with 5.1 and 0 mm blanking bandwidth, IRI and RN were determined. Statistical analyses were conducted to establish relationships between the different smoothness indices. The mathematical models were used to establish IRI based smoothness specifications for construction control of pavements in Louisiana.


Pavement smoothness, International roughness index, Ride number, Pavement ride quality.