Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Analysis of Lacustrine Facies Soft Soil Roadbed Settlement Based on a Viscoelastic-Plastic Model


Fu Gui-Hai; Deng Zong-Wei; Tang Jia;


Soft soil deformation is not only related to the stress state, but is also related to time and exhibits viscoelastic–plastic characteristics. The generalized Nishihara model was developed from 1D state into 3D state and the viscoplastic soft matrix based on the Drucker–Prager yield model and the viscoelastic soft matrix of 2D and 3D units were established using the incremental finite element method. On the basis of the aforementioned model and matrices, a program for the soft soil adhesion elastoplastic constitutive model was developed using ADINA software. Lastly, the program was used to calculate the soft clay roadbed settlement of Dongting Lake and the settlement change law of the embankment centerline on the 300th day was determined. Results are consistent with the measured values, indicating that the secondary development of this research can be used to analyze the engineering problems of lacustrine facies soft soil roadbed settlement


Lacustrine facies soft soil, Analysis of subsidence, Viscoelastic–plastic model, Generalized Nishihara model, Secondary development, Plane strain problem