Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Experimental and numerical study of the behavior of RC shear wall with opening using concealed stiffeners


Sanjivan Mahadik; Sariputta Bhagat; Pravin Gunaware; Vijay Patil;


Shear wall is one of the structural elements in a multistoried structure provided to resist seismic and wind forces acting along the plane of the wall. These walls are generally solid or have openings provided sometimes in them for utility service purposes. The strength of the structure decreases due to openings provided in it; this is equally true in the case of the shear wall also. Considering experience from recent earthquakes it seems necessary to make shear walls stronger. In the present study improvement in the behavior of shear wall with opening subjected to horizontal cyclic load along the plane of shear wall in presence of concealed stiffeners is investigated. A total of six shear walls were tested under axial and lateral load conditions. A load-carrying capacity, deformation behavior, and strain behavior of shear wall were studied with experiments and the obtained results were validated with general-purpose finite element (FE) software ANSYS. Percentage improvement in load carrying capacity by 17.27 % and 27.27 %, deformation capacity by 13.95 % and 51.16 %, and strain by 26.41 % and 35.85 % respectively were observed using concealed RC stiffeners and steel tube stiffeners in a shear wall with an opening.


shear wall, strength, stiffness, strain, openings, stiffeners