Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Greywater Generation and Characterization in Major Cities in Jordan


Ahmad Jamrah; Safa Ayyash;


The objectives of this study is to estimate quantities of greywater generated in typical Jordanian households in the major cities of Irbid, Rusaifa and Zarqa, to investigate greywater quality and to gauge public acceptance towards greywater reuse. A social survey was designed and administered to identify quantities of greywater generated. The survey covered a total of 150, 100 and 150 households in the cities of Irbid, Rusaifa and Zarqa, respectively, over a period of 12 weeks. Greywater samples were collected form households to represent the different sources of greywater. Results of the study showed that the average per capita water consumption in the cities of Irbid, Rusaifa and Zarqa was 82.67, 69.63 and 82.34 liters per day, respectively, and that greywater generated constituted 71% to 77% of total consumption. Quality data showed that greywater treatment is necessary, and public acceptance survey indicated that the majority of people oppose greywater reuse.


Greywater, Quantity, Quality, Public acceptance, Irbid, Rusaifa, Zarqa.