Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Damage Identification in Truss Structures Using Finite Element Model Updating and Imperialist Competitive Algorithm


Hosein Ghaffarzadeh; Farzad Raeisi;


In this paper, Finite Element Model (FEM) updating based on a new heuristic algorithmis proposed for damage identification in truss structures. This method updates the dynamic properties of the damaged and undamaged state of a structure to identify the presence, location and magnitude of the damage in structural members. Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA), which is one of the most efficient heuristic methods, is used to minimize the objective function which is based on dynamic properties of the structure. Damage in structures is caused by the reduction in stiffness of specific members, especially in Young’s modulus. The capability and efficiency of this method to identify damage using frequencies and mode shapes are demonstrated by means of several numerical examples. Results show the superiority and effectiveness of the proposed method.


Damage identification, Modal data, Finite element model (FEM) updating, Imperialist competitive algorithm