Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Experimental Investigation of Surface Pressure on ‘+’ Plan Shape Tall Building


Souvik Chakraborty; Sujit Kumar Dalui; Ashok Kumar Ahuja;


The variation in pressure distribution with change in wind orientation angle on different faces of a ‘+’ plan shape tall building is studied in this paper. Experiments have been carried out with a rigid model in a boundary layer wind tunnel for wind incidence angles of 0° and 45°. Peculiar pressure distributions on certain faces are observed. Moreover, drastic change in pressure distribution is observed for the two wind angles. Finally, the flow pattern around the model is computed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) package ANSYS CFX in order to explain the variation in pressure on different faces.


Wind tunnel testing, Interference effect, Mean pressure coefficient, Tall building, Wind incidence angle, Vortex shedding