Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Simplified Model for Diagonal Cracking Shear Capacity of Slender RC Beams without Web Reinforcement


Mohammed Shukri Al-Zoubi;


A simplified shear-moment interaction model is proposed for the shear capacity of reinforced concrete (RC) beams without web reinforcement, considering four basic variables (longitudinal steel ratio, concrete strength, shear span to depth ratio and beam size) and verified by existing experimental results. The proposed model shows that shear strength and mode of failure depend on the shear-moment paths followed to bring the beams to failure. This study shows that the variations in the experimental results of shear capacity of slender RC beams ( a / d  2.5 ) defined at the formation of diagonal cracks of beams under the combined action of moment and shear can primarily be explained by the variations of the concrete tensile strength. A design formula based on this shear-moment interaction model is also proposed for shear capacity of slender RC beams.


diagonal tension cracking, Ultimate shear strength, Concrete tensile strength, Slender beams, Moment capacity, Interaction diagram.