Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Fresh and Mechanical Properties of Metakaolin-Based High-Strength SCC


Subramanian Vivek; Govindasamy Dhinakaran;


Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is treated as a special concrete in modern applications due to its passing ability, filling ability and resistance against segregation. SCC has a significant role to play in the areas of mass concreting, like pier construction, foundation,… etc. In addition, it is also preferred for light-weight concrete structures; namely, precast members. In the present paper, a sincere attempt was made to study the effect of metakaolin (MK) on high-strength SCC. For this purpose, SCC with a characteristic compressive strength of 60 MPa was used with four different percentages of MK to replace cement, ranging from 5% to 20% with an increment of 5%. Fresh properties, such as slump flow, passing ability and filling ability, as well as mechanical properties, such as compressive and tensile strengths, were studied. Compressive strength was found to be higher for SCC with 20% MK. Split tensile strength was higher for MK with 10% replacement of cement. The correlation equation and root mean square value (R2) were obtained for the relationship between cube compressive strength and cylinder axial compressive strength to determine the best fit, respectively.


Self-compacting concrete, Metakaolin, Fresh properties, Compressive strength, Tensile strength