Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Effect of Selected Conventional and Non-conventional Mineral Fillers with ‘Enset’ Fibers on Compaction Characteristics of Stone Mastic Asphalt Pavement ( SMAP)


Sinishat Belay; Emer Tucay Quezon; Anteneh Geremew;


The content and type of ingredient materials are used to prepare the asphalt mix to affect the pavement surface's quality. This study aimed to investigate the compaction characteristics of Stone Mastic Asphalt Pavement (SMAP) mix using two different types of mineral fillers; namely, crushed stone and Ambo sandstone dust with local material enset fiber. Results indicated that the filler type and the content with or without fiber have a great effect on compaction characteristics of Stone Mastic Asphalt Pavement. The test results also showed that the addition of enset fiber in asphalt mix increases density, compaction energy and strength of asphalt mix and reduces Marshall flow of the mixes. Besides, crushed stone dust and Ambo sandstone dust with enset fiber affect the Marshall property and compaction characteristics of the stone mastic asphalt mix differentially. The Ambo sand stone dust filler has low density and has high binder absorption capacity compared with crushed stone dust filler in SMA mixes. In this study, the optimum binder content for the mixture by using Ambo sand stone dust (8%, 6.41%), (8.5%, 6.48%) & (10%, 6.43%) as well as the mixture using crushed stone dust filler at (8%, 5.84%), (8.5%,6.32%) & (10%,5.96%) was determined. The optimum fiber content obtained at 0.3% suggests that using enset fiber in stone mastic asphalt mixture improves the strength of asphalt pavements to resist external loads. The enset fiber at 0.3% better modifies stone mastic asphalt pavement properties. Finally, it is postulated that the performance of pavement is affected by filler type and content. Simultaneously, Marshall property has a linear relationship with compaction characteristics. It showed the possibility of constructing stone mastic asphalt pavement in Ethiopia by using locally available materials.


Enset fiber, Compaction characteristics, Marshall test, Pavement performance.