Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Optimum Location and Angle of Inclination of Cut-off to Control Exit Gradient and Uplift Pressure Head under Hydraulic Structures


Saleh I. Khassaf Al-Saadi; Hayder T. Nimnim Al-Damarchi; Hadeel Ch. Dekhn Al-Zrejawi;


The work reported in this research presents numerical investigations on the effect of cut-off inclination angle on exit gradient and uplift pressure head under hydraulic structure and determines the optimum location and angle of inclination of cut-off. This problem is solved using the finite element method by using (ANSYS 11.0). It is concluded that using downstream cut-off inclined towards the downstream side with Ө less than 120º is beneficial in increasing the safety factor against the piping phenomenon. The results are evaluated graphically in non-dimensional form.


Inclined cut-off, Optimum location, Hydraulic structures