Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Comparison between Various Creep Calculation Methods for the Time - dependent Analysis of Terminal 2E at Roissy


Hikmat Daou; Wassim Raphael;


Creep affects the concrete structural parts existing in various buildings and bridges, such as beams, columns and walls. Understanding the impact of creep on structural components over time is critical to develop a safe and efficient structure. Creep is considered as one of the causes of structural failure, such as the collapse of Terminal 2E at Roissy at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. Therefore, the accurate calculation of the creep effect is very meaningful. In this paper, detailed implementation calculations based on viscoelastic and creep models are described using ANSYS. The parameters of the Prony series and the constants of the modified time hardening creep model present in ANSYS are evaluated according to Eurocode 2 creep model. A nonlinear model of Terminal 2E is carried out using ANSYS, then nonlinear analyses are performed. Finally, the results of time-dependent analyses are compared and discussed.


Creep, Effective modulus, Age-adjusted effective modulus, Prony series, Modified time hardening model, ANSYS.