Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Probabilistic Durability Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Members with Corroded Reinforcing Steel


Adamu Lawan; Mohammed Jibrin Kaura; Jaafar Abubakar Sadeeq; Ibrahim Aliyu;


The reliability of the structural performance of any given structure is affected by both in-service loading and material deterioration due to environmental attack. In this paper, probabilistic assessment of reinforced concrete members exposed to chlorine ingress was undertaken. A simply supported reinforced concrete slab was specifically used for the investigation. The mathematical models of capacity loss of reinforcing steel under corrosion, developed elsewhere, were incorporated in the analysis. The uncertainties in structural resistance and the applied loading were fully accommodated using probabilistic method. Limit state function for the flexural capacity of the slab was developed and evaluated using first order reliability method (FORM). The entire process was implemented through a developed program using MATLAB.


Corrosion, Chlorine ingress, Structural reliability, Uncertainty