Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Rheology and Simple Performance Test (SPT) Evaluation of High-Density Polypropylene (HDPP) Waste - Modified Bituminous Mix


Hassan Suleiman Otuoze; Stephen Pinder Ejeh; Yusuf Dada Amartey; Manasseh Joel; Abdulmumin Ahmed Shuaibu;


This study focuses on the evaluation of simple performance tests (SPTs), such as dynamic modulus, indirect tensile strength and rutting resistance tests, as it imparts on strength, service and durability requirements of high-density polypropylene polymer waste modified over conventional asphalt. The dynamic modulus test was carried out by Simple Performance Tester (SPT) or Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT) using International Process Control (IPC) global test machine, otherwise called Universal Test Machine, with a pneumatic load of 25kN (UTM-25P) in accordance with AASHTO TP62-03 method, in order to determine modulus value, phase angle and recoverable strain. Indirect tensile strength evaluation was carried out using ASTM D4123-05a and ASTM D6931-12 recommendations. The recommendations followed for permanent deformation (rutting) were those stated in the NCHRP Report 508:2003 and AASTHO T324. The results showed that 2.0% HDPP asphalt performed optimally and gave enhanced results for dynamic modulus, ITS and rutting than conventional asphalt (control) for mitigating pavement distresses.


Asphalt, Strength, High-density polypropylene, Dynamic modulus, Rutting, Indirect tensile strength