Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Experimental Evaluation of a Hybrid FRP-Concrete Bridge Superstructure System under Negative Moment Flexural Loads


Amjad J. Aref; Wael I. Alnahhal;


Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bridge systems are gaining wide acceptance among bridge engineers. At the same time, FRP bridge systems are relatively expensive when compared to traditional reinforced concrete bridge systems. In this study, the concept of the hybrid FRP-concrete structural systems is applied to a bridge superstructure. The hybrid FRP-concrete superstructure system is intended to have durable, structurally sound and cost effective hybrid system that will take full advantage of the inherent properties of both FRP materials and concrete. The primary objective of this study is to examine the structural behavior of an FRP-concrete hybrid bridge superstructure system subjected to negative moment flexural loads through experimental procedures. The experimental results showed that the design of the hybrid FRP-concrete bridge superstructure under a negative flexural moment is found to be stiffness- driven instead of strength-driven.


Evaluation, Hybrid FRP-Superstructure, Negative Moment Flexural Loads, Concrete Bridges.