Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

A Comparative Study of Flexural Fatigue Responses of Lime-Laterite and Lime-Fiber-Laterite Soil Mixtures at Different Densities


P.G. Bhattacharya; T. Ghosh; R. Paul; A. Das;


Laterite soils, being products of tropical and sub-tropical weathering and chemically ferruginous aluminous in nature, are apparently very complex and controversial materials comprising all stages from parent rock to surface. Popularly, these are known as ‘red tropical soils’. There are huge reserves of these soils in different parts of the earth, but there is lack of adequate data on the engineering behaviour of these soils, particularly when they are treated with lime and lime-fiber for the assessment of suitability of these materials compacted at different densities, such as light, medium and heavy, for construction of road base or sub-base. The main purpose of this study is, therefore, to develop data on flexural fatigue responses of lime-laterite and limefiber–laterite soil mixtures for their application in road under layers subjected to repetitive flexural loading. Beam specimens at different densities prepared with 5% lime and laterite soils and 5% lime and fiber-laterite soils mixed with 0.6% of 2 cm long fibers cured at 50oC have been subjected to third-point loading for determination of static flexural strength and fatigue flexural response of these mixtures, which are presented in this paper.


Laterite soils, Flexural fatigue, Compaction densities, Stress ratio