Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Parametric Study of Continuous Concrete Beam Prestressed with External Tendon


Amer M. Ibrahim;


This paper presents the results of a parametric study of the flexural behavior of continuous concrete members prestressed with external tendons. The behavior at ultimate limit states is evaluated. A nonlinear analysis model, based on the three dimensional finite element method, ANSYS computer program (10.0) was used. The nonlinear material and geometrical analysis were adopted. The results obtained show good agreement with experimental results. This research was carried out to study the effects of several factors on the overall behavior of externally prestressed beams in terms of the values of compressive concrete strength and effective prestressing stress. That behavior was slightly affected compared with experimental results. The undeviated external tendons mobilized lower nominal flexural resistance and inelastic deflection than deviated tendons did. The increase in the beam capacity in the beam subjected to loads at the third span is greater than in the beam with a single load at the mid – span. The result of increasing the effective depth is that the ultimate load capacity is essentially increased.


ANSYS, Flexural behavior, Concrete continuous members, External prestressing,