Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Seismic Retrofitting Study on an Industrial Building in Aqaba - Jordan


Amal Al-Far; Salam Al-Far;


This paper presents a seismic retrofitting study conducted on one of the structures at the Industrial Complex in Aqaba. The study aimed at checking the current capacity of the structure in resisting seismic forces due to some considered earthquake events according to recognized codes of practice, as well as the findings of a specially commissioned study concerned with the seismic hazard at the site. A 3-D finite element model of the structure was developed and “Time History” dynamic structural analysis was carried out. The 1995 Aqaba earthquake was utilized in the analysis. The model was verified by comparing the analysis results with the actual damage sustained during the earthquake. Moreover, the study discusses different options for retrofitting, particularly the preferred option of adding shear walls. The study involved carrying out dynamic analysis using “SAP2000 non-linear” computer software on a three-dimensional model of the original as well as the retrofitted structure.


Aqaba earthquake, Peak ground acceleration, Seismic retrofitting, Structural analysis, Shear walls, Time history