Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Response Characteristic of Cable Stayed Bridges under Static Loading and Due to the Earthquakes in Longitudinal Direction


H. Saidi; M. Al-Rawi; A.F. Ali; A. Adda;


This paper presents the dynamic (earthquake response) analysis of cable stayed bridges under different types of static loading and due to longitudinal directions of earthquake base excitations. The deck and the tower of the bridge were idealized by discrete element idealization scheme (space frame element) with warping considered as a seventh degree of freedom. For comparison purposes, the discrete element with six degrees of freedom (warping neglected) were also used to model the structure under investigation. The cables were modelled by the nonlinear truss elements. It was found that the warping becomes of significant influence on the behaviour of the bridge deck only if the deck is acted upon by loading that is coupled with initial torsional moment.


Response characteristic, Cable stayed bridges, Static loading, Earthquakes, Longitudinal direction.