Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Behavior of High-Performance Pull - out Bond Strength of Fibers Reinforced Concrete Structures


Anwar A. Alnaki; Falah M. Wegian; Magdy A. Abdalghaffar; Fahad A. Alotaibi; Abdul-Salam A. Al-Temeemi;


The influence of steel fibers in bond strength attributes of fiber reinforced concrete is examined in this research. Concrete specimens with fiber contents of 0%, 1.0%, 2.0% and 2.5% by volume were tested. Thirty pull-out bond half-cylinder concrete mixes were prepared in order to examine the discrepancy in bond resistance owing to the disparity in percentage volume of steel fibers and the aspect ratio of the fibers. Each of the 30 half-cylinders were comprised of two matching half-cylinders; one with steel-fiber reinforced concrete containing different volumes of fibers with various aspect ratios and one containing plain concrete using reinforcement by placing a medium tensile steel bar in the center. Employing fiber-reinforced concrete instead of plain concrete showed a tangible increase in the interfacial force at the surface of the steel bar. The influence of steel fibers in augmenting the interfacial forces is assessed in percentage increase over plain concrete. A thorough experimental scheme has confirmed the proposed method using several variations of steel-fiber reinforced concrete samples.


Steel fibers, Plain concrete, Pull-out, Bond strength, Aspect ratio, Half-cylinder.