Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Runoff Curves Development for Al-Adhaim Catchment Using Digital Simulation Models


Ahmed M. Al-Kadhimi; Lamia A. A. Ahmed; Raghad Yakoup Abdullah Al-Mphergee;


A rainfall-runoff model is used to develop runoff curves through simulating runoff processes. The runoff curves are developed by inserting various equations related to runoff calculations and runoff coefficients. The runoff model used in this study is the Stanford Watershed Model after it has been properly modified. Application of the various parameters and their effects on runoff rates are investigated. Based on the results of this application, the monthly simulated runoff rate indicated significant level of sensitivity to various model parameters. The Modified Stanford Watershed Model is operated and applied on Al-Adhaim catchment. The relationship between runoff coefficients and rainfall concentration times is explained for different variables and parameters. Runoff curves accordingly provide a better and more accurate estimate for runoff coefficients.


Runoff curves, Al-Adhaim catchment, Digital simulation models, Modified Stanford Watershed Model