Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Comparative Study of Foundation Systems from Menard Pressure Meter and Cone Penetration Results


Anis Abroug; Malek Jedidi; Zouheir Bouarada;


Geotechnical engineering relies, in most of the cases, on empirical observations and experience. One of the main reasons for relying upon observed results is that there are practical restrictions involved in extracting quality soil samples and performing laboratory testing. This paper presents a comparative study of a foundation system obtained from geotechnical investigations carried out by HYDROSOL at the power plant in Sousse-Tunisia. A synthesis of previous research is presented and then the present study is detailed based on the results of Menard pressure meter test (MPT) and static cone penetrometer test (CPT) under the water tank. In this project, two foundation system modes have been proposed; Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) pile system proposed by the company and driven pile system proposed by "STEG" (Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gaz). Based on the results of the geotechnical investigations, we chose a foundation system that corresponds to a series of CFA piles to overcome a reinforced concrete slab.


Foundation system, Menard pressure meter test, Cone penetrometer test, Continuous flight auger