Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Implementation of Quality Management Concepts in Managing Engineering Project Site


Raji Al-Ani; Firas I. Al-Adhmawi;


Quality has been considered one of the most important and competitive factors amongst the constructing companies during the past two decades. Reviewing literature pertinent to quality management concepts and its application in construction industry has formulated the definition of "Quality Management" as meeting the owner's requirements or compliance with the set standards and specifications. This definition can be realized through the application of quality management concepts which are represented by "Total Quality Management" TQM as a higher management level which has been achieved by quality management works. It has become clear that the responsibility of achieving applications of quality management concepts shall be borne by the construction management and its personnel. In turn, such management can be attained by a specialized management field named "Quality Management". The researchers have recommended a proposed Quality Management System for Construction Site aiming: firstly to raise the quality level of works in construction projects, and secondly to improve the construction staff consciousness, in different managerial levels, about quality management concepts and its importance for improving the quality of construction works. The researchers have come out with certain conclusions, above all is that this proposed quality management system for construction site will improve conducting quality management concepts in achieving construction works by construction companies.


Construction projects, Quality management