Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Designing and Proportioning of Fiber-Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Mixtures Using Engineered Aggregate


Bashar Behnam;


The goal of this paper is to construct design graphs that can be used easily by engineers to design fiberreinforced lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) mixtures. Twenty LWAC mixes made from a wide range of materials were analyzed. The data were collected from nine design reports submitted by universities in the USA and Canada. Compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, unit weights with respect to percent cementitious materials (cm) by weight, percent lightweight aggregate (LWA) by volume, water-cementitious materials ratio (w/cm), percent short fibers and air content were incorporated into a set of integrated design graphs. A worked example was included at the end of the research to verify the validity of the new design approach.


Lightweight aggregate concrete, Fibers, Compressive strength, Poraver, Proportioning