Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Creating a Complete Model of the Wooden Pattern from Laser Scanner Point Clouds Using Alpha Shapes


Bara' Al-Mestarehi; Mohammed Obaidat;


Laser-scanning techniques present non-contact, flexible and accessible tools for digitizing shape and surface of many physical objects. The data obtained from these optical measurement systems is usually in the form of a point cloud (non-ordered set of XYZ coordinates). One of the most requested tasks is the conversion of point clouds into more practical triangular meshes containing useable information. A novel approach for wooden pattern modeling based on an improvement of alpha shape algorithm is proposed, where the data consists of points unevenly distributed in a volume rather than only on a surface. The developed model can record and detect efficiently the defects and the deformed breaks in the wooden structure. Accuracy indicators achieved reached about 89% completeness, 95% correctness and 87% quality for the selected data. This form of threedimention (3D) geometry representation is anticipated to open the door for future data processing, visualization and monitoring for different engineering applications.


Laser scanning, Point cloud, Alpha shape, Modeling, Wooden pattern.