Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Energy Consumption and Environmental Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Systems


Rana Imam; Ahmad Jamrah;


Urban transport in most cities around the world is developing in an unsustainable fashion. This study examines if Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a promising transit option for cities looking to reduce their transportation-related emissions. The twenty case studies investigated in this research are from fifteen cities in Europe. The energy consumption and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions produced by these operating transit systems are calculated. The BRT trips are converted into equivalent passenger car trips and their corresponding emissions are estimated using data collected over ten years. Finally, the two emission results are compared to highlight the environmental benefits of adopting the bus transit system over the use of private cars. The research concluded that the use of BRT systems resulted in significant reductions in CO2 emissions in all cities.


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Energy consumption, Transport emissions, Air pollution, Fuel consumption