Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Optimum Design Parameters of Solar Still Unit Operating toward Olive Mill Wastewater Management


Aiman Jaradat; Sameh Gharaibeh; Khalid Altarawneh; Randa Hatamleh;


The present study was conducted at a pilot-scale level to investigate the applicability of solar distillation technique for in situ management practice at olive mills, by evaluating the system performance regarding condensate productivity on a long-term basis, starting from the beginning of November till the end of July. A model developed based on mass balance approach was used to determine the optimum design parameters required for plant demonstration. Various condensate production rates were obtained for each month with a lower value (0.4 L/ obtained during January and a higher value (1.8 L/ obtained during July. At a typical olive mill generating 15 m3/day of olive mill wastewater (OMW) and operating for 75 days, the minimum design depth and area required for plant demonstration were 30 cm and 3250 m2, respectively.


Olive mill wastewater, Solar still unit, Condensate productivity, Design parameters