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Volume 11 No. 4 2017

Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering 2017

Volume 11, No.4 (2017)
Paper ID Paper Title Download
4043. Iso-safety Design Charts For Singly Reinforced Concrete Sections To Eurocode 0 Recommended Target Safety Indices view paper
4044. Using The Concept Of Neural Network In The Evaluation Of Fragility Curve Of Steel Moment Frame view paper
4045. Non-linear Regression Models For Hydraulic Geometry Relationships In Al-abbasia Meandering Reach In Euphrates River view paper
4046. On The Current Aisc Approach To Stability Analysis And Design Of Steel Structures view paper
4047. Investigation Of Collapse - Resisting Capacity Of Braced Steel Moment Frames view paper
4048. Effect Of Microfines On The Mechanical Properties Of Cement Mortar And Concrete view paper
4049. Performance Evaluation Of Resin As A Coating Agent view paper
4050. Effect Of Diesel-oil Contamination On Shear Strength And Compressibility Behavior Of Sandy Soil view paper
4051. Strength And Hydraulic Conductivity Characteristics Of Sand - Bentonite Mixtures Designed As A Landfill Liner view paper
4052. Field Plate Load Test To Investigate Stress Distribution In Soil Mass With And Without Reinforcement - United Arab Emirates view paper
4053. Chloride Ion Detection In Concrete Through Galvanic Voltage And Resistivity view paper
4054. Inelastic Dynamic Behaviour Of Simply Modeled Explicit And Implicit Non-ductile Rc Beam-column Joints view paper
4055. Shear Strength, Bearing Ratio And Settlement Behavior Of Clay Reinforced With Chemically Treated Coir Fibres view paper
4056. Geotechnical Characterization Of Flyash-redmud Mix Stabilized With Lime Sludge view paper
4057. Designing And Proportioning Of Fiber-reinforced Lightweight Concrete Mixtures Using Engineered Aggregate view paper