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Volume 13 No. 2 2019

Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering (2019)

Volume 13, No.2 (2019)
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4641Study On Flexural Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Beams: Response To Fire And Sudden Coolingview paper
4642A Comparative Study Of Targeted Ground Improvement Alternatives During Site Reclamationview paper
4643Reinforcement Of The Seismic Interaction Of Soil-damaged Piles-bridge By Using Micropilesview paper
4644Strength Improvement Of Poor Subgrade Soil Reinforced With Polyester Biaxial Geogridview paper
4645Effect Of Mastic Properties On Moisture Damage And Adhesive Failure Mechanism In Asphalt Mixturesview paper
4646Experimental Investigation On Viable Limit Of Fly Ash Utilization In Concreteview paper
4647Punching Shear Model For Normal And High-strength Concrete Slabs Reinforced With Cfrp Or Steel Barsview paper
4648Creating A Complete Model Of The Wooden Pattern From Laser Scanner Point Clouds Using Alpha Shapesview paper
4649Spatial Distribution Of Engineering Soil Properties In The Northern Region Of The Dead Sea, Jordanview paper
4650Application Of Variable Friction Damper To Transmission Tower Structure With Two Connection Waysview paper
4651Adaptive Neural Network Controller For Nonlinear Highway Bridge Benchmarkview paper
4652Modeling And Analysis Of Optimized Rectangular Rc Columns Confined With Cfrp Compositesview paper
4653Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Information Value Methodview paper
4654Investigation On The Performance Characteristics Of Concrete Incorporating Nanoparticlesview paper
4655Geophysical Investigation For Groundwater Potential Of An Area In Delhi Ncrview paper