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Volume 12 No. 2 2018

Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering (2018)

Volume 12, No.2 (2018)
Paper ID Paper Title Download
4242Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling Of Gfrp-strengthened Slender Rectangular Rc Columns With Confinement Deficiency In Plastic Hinge Zoneview paper
4243Strength Development In Clay Soil Stabilized With Fly Ashview paper
4244Evaluating Seismic Design Factors For Reinforced Concrete Frames Braced With Viscoelastic Damper Systemsview paper
4245Effect Of Parabolic-concave Thickness Variation On The Mechanical Buckling Resistance Of Simply Supported Fgm Platesview paper
4246Harvested Rain Water Quality Of Different Roofing Material Types In Water Harvesting System At Al Al-bayt University /jordanview paper
4247Analysis Of Refuse Derived Fuel Utilization From Aqaba Municipal Solid Wasteview paper
4248Experimental Study Of Magnetization Effect On Ground Water Propertiesview paper
4249Modeling Groundwater Flow And Solute Transport At Azraq Basin Using Parflow And Slim - Fastview paper
4250Analysis Of Accident Causes At Construction Sites In Omanview paper
4251Vibration Analysis Of Vertically Curved Concrete Flyover Bridges: Analytical Model Studyview paper
4252Comparison Of Performance Of Base-course Aggregates For Limestone And Sandstone At Varying Moisture And Gradationview paper
4253Impact Of Reservoir Construction On Flood Characteristics Of The Rivers Of Kazakhstan During Spring Seasonview paper
4254Research On Hot Spot Stress Calculation Method Of Chs-cfshs Jointsview paper
4255Influence Of Glass And Polyvinyl Alcohol Fibres On Properties Of Self-compacting Concreteview paper
4256Using Nanostructures To Control Local Scour Of Bridge Piers For Steady And Unsteady Flowsview paper