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Volume 11 No. 2 2017

Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering (2017)

Volume 11, No.2 (2017)
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3854Safety Evaluation (skid Resistance ) Of Jordan�s National Highway Networkview paper
3855Comparative Study Of Foundation Systems From Menard Pressure Meter And Cone Penetration Resultsview paper
3856Influence Of Travelers� Attitudes, Status And Auto Consciousness On Car Use Reduction Measuresview paper
3857A Laboratory Study On Stilling Basin With Semicircular Rough Bed Elementsview paper
3858Numerical Modeling Of Longitudinal Wave Propagation For Damage Identification Using Rbf-based Meshless Method And Imperialist Competitive Algorithmview paper
3859Integrated Detection And Restoration Program Of Water Gushing Induced Cracks In Shield Segments For Xi'an Metro In Chinaview paper
3860The Application Of Marble And Granite As Building Materials In Jordanview paper
3861The Effect Of Base To Focal Length Ratio On Stereo Rig Calibration Using A Planar Constraint Facilityview paper
3862Compressive Behavior Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Short Columns With Lateral Reinforcementsview paper
3863Safety Practices And Causes Of Fatality In Building Construction Projects: A Case Study For Bangladeshview paper
3864A Hybrid Magnetic Css And Bbbc For Optimum Design Of Double Curvature Arch Damsview paper
3865Evaluation Of Progressive Collapse In Steel Moment Frame With Different Bracesview paper
3866Experimental Study Of Using Ferro-cement And Steel Plates In Repairing Reinforced Concrete Beamsview paper
3867Comparative Performance Evaluation Of Steel Column Building And Concrete Filled Tube Column Building Under Static And Dynamic Loadingview paper
3868Fresh And Mechanical Properties Of Metakaolin-based High-strength Sccview paper