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Volume 12 No. 1 2018

Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering (2018)

Volume 12, No.1 (2018)
Paper ID Paper Title Download
4146Numerical Modeling Of Flow Pattern In Spillway Approach Channelview paper
4147Management Of Multi-lane Highways In Jordan ( Case Study)view paper
4148Comparative Study Of Sdp And Dp Methods For Optimal Water Release From Reservoirs: A Case Study On The Dez Dam, Iranview paper
4149Rheology And Simple Performance Test (spt) Evaluation Of High-density Polypropylene (hdpp) Waste - Modified Bituminous Mixview paper
4150Modeling Risk Of Road Crashes Using Aggregated Dataview paper
4151Influence Of Mesh Size On Bearing Capacity And Settlement Resistance Of Coir Geotextile - Reinforced Sandview paper
4152Vibration Analysis Of Thermoplastic Railroad Bridgeview paper
4153A Review On The Development And Applications Of Single-layer Concrete Armour Units In The Design Of Rubble Mound Breakwatersview paper
4154Studying The Benefits Of Building Information Modeling (bim) In Architecture, Engineering And Construction ( Aec) Industry In The Gaza Stripview paper
4155Effect Of Randomly Distributed Fibre Reinforcements On Engineering Properties Of Beach Sandview paper
4156Effects Of Multiple Supplementary Cementitious Materials On Workability And Strength Of Lightweight Aggregate Concreteview paper
4157Assessment Of Seismic Structural Risk For Model Buildings In The City Of Sharjah, Uaeview paper
4158Effect Of Pedestrian Characteristics On Choosing Their Crossing Techniques: Case Study On Tabuk City / Saudi Arabiaview paper
4159The Effect Of Beam Design On Behaviour Of Retrofitted Beam Using Cfrpview paper
4160Estimation Of Trip Generation Rates For Residential Areas In Jordanview paper